It's Time For a Different Type of Venture Capital Group

For the past decade, university-based investment groups have been popping up all around the country. Backed by millions of dollars and top-tier VCs, these investment groups, managed by student partners, are tasked with sourcing and vetting deals on behalf of firms. But how many student partners have had relevant experience in VC? Not many. Oftentimes, student partners are ill-prepared to evaluate markets, founders, and companies.

This leads to an unfortunate reality. VC firms use student partners as sourcing tools, but the student partners are left detached from the negotiation phase of the investment process. Student partners are left with an unfulfilling experience, receiving little more than familiarity with sourcing and a line for their resumes.

Here at Scottie Ventures, we do things a little bit differently. We focus on education. Our group holds weekly educational workshops, which teach the foundations of due diligence and term sheets. Our members write blog posts, attend startup conferences, and compete in venture capital competitions. 

Together, we work to broaden our networks and empower the entrepreneurial community. Once prepared, investment associates are assigned to partner VC firms, which provide experiential learning opportunities. 

We are Scottie Ventures.

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